The Stunts

The Handbrake Turn - Stunt driving days
The Handbrake Turn

The basic stunt that most people will have had a cheeky little go at. Learn how to do the perfect 180 degree turn on the spot with our fully trained stunt driving tutors.

The Handbrake Parallel Park - Stunt driving days
The Handbrake Parallel Park

This is the handbrake turn just with a bit more precision, see if you can pull that perfect handbrake turn into a designated space.

The Donut - Stunt driving days
The Donut

This is the one to put you in a spin! Try and donut our rear wheel drive cars by pivoting around a single spot.

The Donut Roulette - Stunt driving days
The Donut Roulette

A spin on the donuts in our unique six wheeled, twin-engine donut buggies. Try to complete our course by getting the quickest time and receiving as few penalties as possible.

The Parallel Park Challenge - Stunt driving days
The Parallel Park Challenge

A knock-out challenge making the parking space smaller and smaller, getting that little bit harder at each attempt.

The J Turn - Stunt driving days
The J Turn

This is the stunt used in the films to get away from the bad guy, you will perform the reverse flick to make the perfect get-away.